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KCH’s Radiation Oncology Clinic celebrates five years


Kona Community Hospital celebrates the five year anniversary of the Radiation Oncology Clinic (ROC). The first patient treatment took place on May 5, 2005. The ROC is currently treating approximately 15 patients a day, 3000 patients per year and has consistently increased the number of patient treatments on an annual basis since its opening.

The services offered at the ROC are a great benefit for the West Hawaii community especially for those who are in need of cancer care services. Instead of having to travel to Hilo or fly to Honolulu for treatments that usually last less than 15 minutes long, patients can be treated at the ROC and go back to their daily lives in a matter of minutes. The convenience and benefits of having a clinic in West Hawaii are outstanding.

“The Radiation Oncology Clinic at Kona Community Hospital is something we should all be proud of as members of the community,“ commented Radiation Oncologist, James Lambeth, M.D. “From people to premises, professionalism impressively blends with friendly and courteous service and state-of-the-art equipment.”

Judy Shibly’s father was treated at the ROC and said, “The radiation oncology center at Kona Community Hospital is nothing short of a wonderful and welcome miracle for all the folks of West Hawaii needing treatment. My dad, Nick Morgan, received over 40 treatments. At that time, he was almost 89 years old and was able to drive himself every morning for treatment since the center was so near. He was home in half an hour to receive much needed rest and work in his garden, which brings him so much happiness!”

The anniversary observation will jump-start Kona Community Hospital’s recognition of National Hospital Week scheduled for May 9-15. Along with this event and other employee appreciation festivities, interested community members and/or groups are welcome to tour the hospital facility. Tours will be held on a reservation basis. To reserve a time, call 322-6960.

The development of the Radiation Oncology Clinic was supported when the Kona Hospital Foundation accepted the challenge to raise $1.5 million to allow the HHSC Board to authorize an additional $2.5 million to fund the $4 million project.

The Kona Hospital Foundation’s mission is to accept gifts and solicit donations for new medical technology, expanded services and enhanced facilities for KCH.

Since its inception, the Foundation has donated more than $5 million toward numerous projects that have improved the hospital. Major endeavors include the Radiation Oncology Clinic, Imaging Center, Nuclear Medicine Suite, and Outpatient Chemotherapy Building. Many other projects to date include the emergency department renovation, emergency helicopter landing area, repair and painting of the facility, enhanced directional signage for visitors, medical equipment and education for hospital professionals.

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