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Volunteers pitch in to clean-up Kamilo Beach for Earth Day

Produced by Tim Bryan | Special to Hawaii 24/7

Hawaii County employees along with their family and friends worked on cleaning up Kamilo Beach in Ka‘u for Earth Day on Saturday (May 1).

Cleaning up about 1/4 mile of Kamilo beach 28 participants gathered 50 big bags of trash estimated at 1,750 pounds along with 200 pounds of fishing nets. Approximately one ton of marine debris including nets were removed.

Particularly interesting finds included: Two sea turtle shell pieces (“scutes”), small little animal toys (teddy bears, grizzly bears, boars), glass ball handles, small little glowsticks, bryazoan-encrusted Lego toy, small little intact glass bottles.

The next clean-up event is scheduled for June 26 and September 18. For more information about the clean-ups contact:

Megan R. McWhite Lamson
HWF Debris Project Coordinator
Ka’u Coastline Beach Clean-ups
(808) 769-7629

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