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No furlough Fridays for Waimea Middle School


Waimea Middle School adds another school day to its ‘No Student Furloughs’ commitment

To expand on the “Kids First – No Student Furloughs” commitment Waimea Middle Public Conversion Charter School made for the current school year, its teachers and administrators have now agreed to convert Fri., April 30, 2010, into a regular school day. April 30 was originally set aside as a Professional Collaboration Day with no school for students.

“Our students need all the instruction time we can give them and families have been very appreciative about our “Kids First – No Student Furloughs” policy,” said WMPCCS CEEO/Principal John Colson. “Not only have families expressed vocal support for not furloughing students, but they have made sure their child attends classes on Furlough Fridays. Attendance on Furlough Fridays has hovered at 90% — an indication that both the students and families value these instruction days.”

“We also have been overwhelmed by community friends who have come forward, offering to help underwrite healthy snacks – we’re calling it “food for thought” – on Furlough Fridays. The community was concerned to learn that the DOE said that its cafeteria staff – who are not on furlough – could, nevertheless, not prepare breakfast and lunch for our middle school students. This has left our school in a lurch because more than 60% of our children are entitled to free/reduced meals; food service is an essential part of the school day for so many of our children.”

“We sincerely thank the many individuals, churches and organizations who have stepped forward to help underwrite the costs WMS incurs to provide food for our students on Furlough Fridays,” said Colson.

With the addition of classes on April 30, there are only three more school-as-usual days that coincide with DOE Furlough Fridays: April 23, 30 and May 7. May 14 is a DOE Furlough Friday but was set aside by WMS as a Waiver Day and this will not change.

Important Dates for WMS students and families:

  • Thurs., May 13: May Day Celebration (open to all families and friends)
  • Tues., May 25: 8th Grade Exit Ceremony at the Hapuna Beach Prince Hotel
  • Tues., May 25: Last Day of School for all students – 2:15 p.m. Release
  • Thurs., June 3: 4th Quarter Report Cards Mailed Home
  • Tues., June 15-Thurs., July 15: Summer Jump Start for Incoming 6th Grade Students
  • Tues., June 15-Thurs., July 15: Summer Enrichment for Current 6-8th Grade Students
  • Fri., July 30: Gear Up for 2010-2011 SY (2-4 p.m. to pickup schedules, uniforms)
  • Mon., Aug. 2: First Day of 2010-2011 School Year for All Students

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