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Citizens for Equal Rights seeking support for H.B. 444


Citizens for Equal Rights is inviting people to include themselves in a photo booklet of supporters of civil unions and H.B. 444. The booklet will be given to state House members to show mainstream community support for passage of civil unions legislation this session.

“Citizens for Equal Rights was formed last month to solicit general public support for House Bill 444,” CFER president Rachel Orange said. “We believe the booklet will show broad community support for civil unions. Through it, we hope to bolster the confidence of House members who have previously voted for H.B. 444.”

“We believe it’s important to show mainstream community support for civil unions until we get a bill passed,” Orange said.

“CFER stands for positive change. It’s a simple stand for equality,” said Kat Brady, the group’s vice president. “We believe the photo booklet is an opportunity for people in the community to show their support for equal rights, while respecting the sincerely held beliefs of those who oppose civil unions.”

“CFER believes in equal rights for all, including for gay and lesbian couples,” Brady said. “In Hawaii, those who came before us took bold steps towards passing on a legacy of equal rights and opportunity for all. Passing H.B. 444 will build on that legacy. This booklet will help House members feel confident of community support for the bill.”

Those who plan to lobby legislators are expected to use the booklet as evidence of community support to ask House members to vote on H.B. 444 before the session adjourns.

CFER invites anyone who wants to be included in the equal rights booklet to e-mail their name, photo, and affiliation to CFER plans to group the photos by community categories such as realtors, lawyers, paddlers, faith groups etc.

For more information, send an e-mail to, or visit the CFER/Equality 808 group at

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  1. Andy Zurowski says:

    The pro-civil union group CFER will not be involved in any effort to change lawmakers, as might be implied in today’s Star Bulletin article at No offense to Jo-Ann Adams, but Citizens for Equal Rights is is staying with a positive message, even if HB444 does not pass…which we hope it will. All we want to do is allow people around the state to stand up for equal rights, and show that in a photo booklet of supporters of civil unions and HB444.

    Citizens for Equal Rights
    Andy Zurowski


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