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What is Pono Aquaculture? (April 10)

When: 4-6 p.m., Saturday, April 10

Where: The Ohana Room in Kona Stories Bookstore (next to the Island Naturals health food store in mauka Kona)

Fish farming is an important cultural tradition and key to ensuring future food security in Hawaii. But it must be done in a pono way to ensure the health of our community’s pristine ocean and wild fisheries for future generations.

Unfortunately, there is a big push going on to increase unsustainable factory fish farms in Hawaii’s pristine ocean waters – an industry which is set to increase production by 780 percent in the next five years.

Members of the newly-formed state-wide Pono Aquaculture Alliance to discuss the meaning of pono aquaculture, to learn how to protect our pristine waters and wild fisheries from the expansion of industrial fish farms and how you can help shape the future of fish farming in Hawaii.

* Charles Flaherty, Apono Hawaii
* Isaac Harp, Northwestern Hawaii Islands Alliance
* Christina Lizzi, Food and Water Watch, Washington, D.C.
* Michael Navatta, former chemist at Natural Energy Laboratory of Hawaii Authority
* Rob Parsons, former Director of Environmental Management, Maui County
* Walter Ritte, traditional Hawaiian fishponds restorer on Molokai

For further information, call 324-0200 or visit

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