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Mayor’s office corrects County Building furnishing costs


Recent news articles (Hawaii Tribune-Herald and West Hawaii Today, March 27, 2010) incorrectly described County plans to spend $400,000 in connection with the County Building renovations, according to Mayor Billy Kenoi’s office.

The articles indicated the money would be spent on “furniture and window treatments,” at the new County office building, which is incorrect.

More than two-thirds of the $400,000 allotment described in the news articles will fund required work in connection with the renovations of the County building.

The change orders to be funded by the allotment total $286,683, and include:

* $116,400 to design and install sturdier second-floor storefront end-wall exterior windows necessary to resist the impact of a hurricane.

* $130,400 for the contractor’s additional overhead costs due to time extensions allowed by the County to complete work on the building’s elevator and exterior storefronts.

* $39,700 for addition of hurricane-impact resistant doors and windows to convert former storage areas to usable office space.

The $113,000 balance of the allotment has been tentatively earmarked for other improvements, which include:

* $18,000 for window tinting to keep south-facing offices cooler, to save energy and to make some offices more private and functional

* $26,000 for lower office partitions in Elections and Fire Administration offices

* $4,000 for miscellaneous book shelves and filing cabinets

* $6,600 for conference room tables and chairs

* $5,000 for signage changes, duplicate keys and combination lock sets.

The County has not yet obtained price quotes for most of these items, and the full amount of the allotment may not be required to make the necessary improvements to the County Building.

“These changes and additions were necessary for safe and efficient use of the renovated County building for employees and visitors alike,” said Warren Lee, director of the County’s Department of Public Works.

Any additional requests for new furnishings will be carefully scrutinized in light of the difficult economic environment, Lee said.

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