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Parker School announces Smart scholarship recipients


Parker School’s Smart Scholarship recipients for 2010-2014 include Lysha Matsunobu, Marie Jobes and Tiana Reynolds. Smart Scholarships, available to incoming freshmen grant $8,500 annually to three students covering a majority of tuition for their freshmen, sophomore, junior and senior year at Parker School. Competition was intense with 19 applicants vying for the three awards.

In addition to academic marks, the selection process was based on an essay answering the question – “Where do you see yourself in 10 years and how can Parker School help you get there?” Recipient Lysha Matsunobu worte, “Parker gave me the challenge I needed and confidence to believe that I could shoot for goals higher than my own. They guided and encouraged me to develop into an individual, one who was not educated on a prototype curriculum. I was free from standards so that I could build my own.” This independent spirit illustrates the type of well-rounded graduate Parker school produces.

Parker School is pleased to be able to extend these awards to three of the brightest students on the island and still has financial aid available for new applicants. Headmaster Carl Sturges said “During times of economic stress it is important to increase opportunities for all families to access a great education. That is what we strive for at Parker School.” For more information visit

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