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O’oma: Right design, wrong location

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By Debbie Hecht

The developer at O’oma is asking for reclassification of almost 300 acres of shoreline between Kaloko-Honokohau National Park and the airport from conservation to urban to build between 950 and 1,200 units.

This includes:
* 450-560 single-family residences
* 160-200 multi-family residences
* 320-400 units in the Mauka mixed-use village
* 20-40 units in the Makai mixed-use village
(Source: O’oma Web site: )

This development is less than one mile from the airport. People that purchase homes will be in the path of aircraft and hear the noise at the airport.

Mitigation measures for people who live with this type of noise are to insulate houses and use double pane windows. If you open your windows to let the sea air cool your home, you will hear the noise of aircraft landing and taking off.

Ever been to the beach at NELHA? You cannot even hold a conversation when the planes fly over.

This subdivision is right where the traffic is worse at rush hours (between Costco road and the airport). Traffic engineers estimate 10 car trips per day per home. Twelve hundred homes will add 12,000 car trips per day to Queen Kaahumanu Highway.

Kealekehe schools are full now, where will these children go to school? In the final Environmental Impact Statement it is unclear how fresh water will be supplied to these homes.

The developer promises more jobs, but there are plenty of houses that are vacant now. Will this be another stopped/ failed subdivision like Kohanaiki or Hokulia?

My opinion: This is a good design, it’s just in the wrong location.

Mahalo for your interest in our community!

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