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Friends of the Library-Waikoloa Region organize to bring interim library to Waikoloa Village


A new community service organization, Friends of the Library-Waikoloa Region (FLWR “flower”), has been nurturing an exciting new initiative that could bring a much needed interim library facility to Waikoloa Village. FLWR is being organized as a non-profit association with a mission to support and improve Waikoloa-Region Library Facility services and resources.

The group held its first meeting in Waikoloa Village on February 26, 2010 to elect new officers and plan for the interim library facility. The new officers are: Bette Green, President; Ruth Bernstone, Vice President; Stephanie Stearns, Vice President of Membership; Judy Lane, Secretary; and Vivian Green, Treasurer.

Members began planning to move one of the state’s library Bookmobiles to a site in Waikoloa Village. Bette Green, FLWR President, described the meeting as “tackling the “3R’s of relocating, refurbishing and re-opening.”

The Waikoloa Village Association board has already agreed to provide a site to park the Bookmobile and FLWR plans to operate an interim library or used book area once the vehicle has been converted from a mobile unit to a fixed facility. Similar Bookmobile conversions in Honolulu have been successfully completed by the statewide Friends of the Library of Hawaii. This group currently operates a used book center within a converted Bookmobile in the parking lot of their Kaka’ako office.

FLWR’s next meeting is open to all interested community members and will be held at 7:00 p.m. on Friday, March 26, 2010 in the Waikoloa School Library. Membership is free and individuals are encouraged to join FLWR as a reflection of community support for library facilities in the Waikoloa region. You too can share in the group’s motto “plant a seed, watch it grow.” For more information about FLWR and how to join, please contact Stephanie at 883-2424.

More info: www.library.waikoloacommunity….

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