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Aiona launches small business initiative


Continuing his strong support for improving the small business climate in Hawaii, Lt. Gov. Duke Aiona has announced he will meet with 100 or more small business owners and their employees across the state over the next 100 days.

“Small businesses form the backbone of our economy,” said Aiona. “These meetings are going to be a lot more about listening than talking. I’m going to be on the ground in communities across the state, listening to the concerns of small businesses and how they’re adapting to a rapidly changing marketplace.”

Small businesses comprise approximately 98 percent of all businesses in Hawaii, and they account for roughly 69 percent of private jobs in the state.

“Long-term economic prosperity is dependent in part on our ability to encourage entrepreneurship and innovation that will create jobs,” Aiona said.

Aiona’s small business initiative will be chronicled on

One Response to “Aiona launches small business initiative”

  1. CallitLikeIseeIt says:

    Calling on 100 businesses to talk story does not constitute an initiative. What it sounds more like is a way to campaign on the taxpayer’s dime, much like George W’s time-consuming tour extolling the virtues of privatizing medicare…an issue that was never destined for passage. Bush’s tour was strictly designed to help him appear presidential. Is this designed to help you appear as governor material? Duke, I hope you can come up with a good title for your tour (better than the 52/12 which made zero sense)…how about Lame Duke 2010?


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