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Archery hunting at Puuanahulu to open Saturday (March 6)


Announcement Of Archery Hunting In The Puuanahulu Game Management Area For March 6, 2010

The Department of Land and Natural Resources announces opening of archery hunting in PUUANAHULU GAME MANAGEMENT AREA (GMA) beginning Saturday, March 6, 2010, and continuing on weekends and State Holidays through June 27, 2010. Annual closure of the archery season in this GMA will be from July through February. Season length, bag limits, and hunting areas are those established in Title 13, Chapter 123, “Rules Regulating Game Mammal Hunting.” The appellate court ruling (Tanaka v. State, December 31, 2007) removed the Department’s ability to make any seasonal adjustments. The following conditions and restrictions will apply for the hunt:

The daily bag limit will be one pig of either sex, one male goat (billy), and one male sheep (ram) per hunter per day.

Hunters will need to obtain 2010 billy and ram tags to legally hunt in this area. Tags may be obtained from any Hawaii Island Division of Forestry & Wildlife office and a number of commercial vendors, and are free of charge.

Hunters must be in possession of an unused 2010 ram or billy tag to continue hunting in the area. The harvest tags will not be transferable and must be placed through the hind leg of the animal immediately after each kill.

Report game law violations to the Division of Conservation and Resources Enforcement at (808) 974-6208 in Hilo. After hours and on weekends and holidays, calls may be made toll-free to Department of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR), enforcement at 643-DLNR (643-3567). Further information may be obtained by contacting the Division of Forestry and Wildlife Offices in Hilo at (808) 974-4232 or in Kamuela at (808) 887-6063.

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