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Lingle statement on HSTA complaint to labor board


(Editor’s Note: The Hawaii State Teachers Association has filed a complaint with the state’s labor board against Gov. Linda Lingle, claiming she “willfully and unlawfully” squashed the union’s tentative agreement with the Board of Education to end furlough days. Union and state education officials were willing to use $35 million in ‘rainy day’ funds to restore seven furlough days; Lingle rejected that plan and offered up $50 million from the rainy day fund to cancel 24 furlough days. HSTA is claiming Lingle did not have legal authority to kill their first deal and wants the Hawaii Labor Relations Board to force the governor to fund it.)

“The HSTA’s latest action proves once again that the union leaders care more about money than educating Hawaii’s children. Instead of accepting the generous offer of $50 million I proposed last November that will allow the immediate return of children and teachers to the classroom, the HSTA is spending their time on frivolous complaints.

It’s clear that the HSTA sees their chance to squeeze more money out of taxpayers slipping away as others in the community lobby legislators for portions of the limited Rainy Day Fund.

Their unwillingness to resolve the issue of returning children to school is evident by this most recent complaint that lacks substance and merit. This type of action wastes time and will further encourage legislators and the public to support a constitutional amendment allowing the next governor to choose the superintendent of education.

The HSTA’s legacy will be that money comes first; children come second.”

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