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Governor’s weekly radio address: Get students back in classrooms


Gov. Linda Lingle’s radio address for this week:


Hawaii residents have made it very clear that they want an immediate and complete solution to get our students back into the classroom.

The plan I presented in November and revised Jan. 8 would accomplish this by using up to $50 million from the Rainy Day Fund to restore teacher furlough days. This plan is reasonable, generous, workable and could be implemented immediately.

By refusing to present this plan to the teachers, the Board of Education and the Department of Education are standing in the way of returning students to the classroom.

The clock is ticking. Therefore, I am once again calling on the Board of Education and Department of Education to move forward on our plan to return Hawaii’s students to the classroom and end the “furlough Friday” situation immediately.

Please call the Board of Education at 586-3349 today to voice your opinion.
Mahalo. This is Gov. Linda Lingle.

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