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Kona Cafe featured at Q’uisine of Hearts (Feb. 14)

The Frank family.


Kona Café is presenting its two coffees at the Q’uisine of Hearts Valentine’s Day brunch at the Hilton Waikoloa Village on Sunday, Feb. 14. The event is organized by Jean Hull of the Kona Kohala Chefs Association.

The brunch benefits the local culinary academy, allowing it to offer scholarships and to send chefs and their students into public schools to educate students about cooking and nutrition.

Kona Café owner Allan Frank applauds Hull’s efforts to teach youngsters about good food.

“Good habits begin early,” Frank said. “And I’m happy to support Jean in her work with our culinary students and her nutrition program in our schools.”

The top chefs and confectioners at the hotels present their best, and the guests go from station to station sampling. A good Kona coffee is a natural compliment to the omelets and pastries.

Kona Café has two coffees. Its estate coffee, grown on the farm in Honaunau Valley, is called Kona Café.

Frank has been growing coffee on the Big Island for 20 years. Several years ago, he decided to try combining his lower elevation coffee with one from a higher elevation, to capture the best qualities of each growing region. The result is Naupaka Kona Coffee.

The higher elevation coffee is grown on a farm managed also by Frank, so the same attention is given to every part of its cultivation.

Frank and his family have supported this event for the last four years.

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