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Hawaii Pacific University battles UH-Hilo on the tennis courts

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Photography by Rick Ogata | Special to Hawaii 24/7

Women’s Tennis

The University of Hawaii at Hilo women’s season started off with a 9-0 loss to Hawaii Pacific University on the UHH tennis courts.

In doubles, UHH’s Christie Pagatpatan and Anna Hamlin loss to Zora Mlckova and Nina Mihova (8-3), UHH’s Justin Abella and Jenna DeCleene loss to Ingrid Cseh and Sandra Wikstrom (8-5), UHH’s Madison Wells and Kaylene Peric loss to Tinka Mihova and Brittany Ynfante (8-1)

In singles, Pagatpatan loss to Vlckova (6-2, 6-4), Abella lost to Nina Mihova (6-2, 6-2), Hamlin loss to Cseh (6-4, 6-0), DeCleene loss to Wikstrom (6-3, 6-0), Wells loss to Tinka Mihova (6-1, 6-1), and Peric loss to Ynfante (5-7, 6-1, 10-2)

Men’s Tennis

Kevin Tamura racked up a pair of wins in the University of Hawaii at Hilo’s 7-2 loss to Hawaii Pacific University in men’s tennis on the UHH tennis courts.

Tamura teamed with Stephen Royalty to HPU Anton Samuilau and Aleksandar Markov 9-7 then beat Nikola Petrov in first singles 2-6, 6-3, 6-4.

HPU claimed the other seven matches with Daniel Luedi and Petrov beating UHH’s Aaron Tada and Justin Dugan (8-2) and Dominc Mclusky and Sebastian Bader beating UHH’s Matthew Tavares and Ross Sugiyama (8-1)

In singles, Royalty fell to Mclusky (6-4, 6-4, Dugan fell to Bader (6-2, 6-2), Tada fell to Luedi (7-6, 6-0), Tavares fell to Sathi Reddy (6-4, 7-5) and Sugiyama fell to Kaimalu Cope (4-6, 7-5).

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