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Used cooking oil spill greases Kona highway


Fire/rescue crews responded to the intersection of Queen Kaahumanu Highway and Hina Lani Street for a 250 gallon spill of used cooking oil at 4:49 p.m, Thursday (Feb 4).

A flatbed truck travelling makai on Hina Lani Street was making a right turn north onto Queen Kaahumanu Highway when a strap holding a 250 gallon container of used cooking oil broke loose. The container fell off the truck and onto the roadway.

Fire crews used 40 bags of absorbent clean-up material spread on the roadway to soak-up the spilled oil. The absorbent material was collected by a truck and taken away while a finer type of absorbent material was spread on the roadway.

Highway crews monitored the spill area and traffic was directed by police around the spill area. No roadways were closed during the incident.

One Response to “Used cooking oil spill greases Kona highway”

  1. Bryan says:

    It really smells nasty there too. Needs to be cleaned much better. Gets on your tires and the smell goes with you.


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