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Lingle, Kenoi, Aiona statements on Fasi’s death

Gov. Linda Lingle issued the following statement on former Honolulu Mayor Frank Fasi, who died Feb. 3 in Honolulu at the age of 89:

“Our state has lost a true leader and an outstanding public servant who worked tirelessly to make life better for the people.

When it came to getting things done, Former Honolulu Mayor Frank Fasi did whatever it took – finding innovative, sometimes unconventional, often controversial solutions. He cared less about pleasing the political establishment and more about helping the people he represented.

Mayor Fasi never waivered from his commitment to helping the every day person, and always showed great empathy for their daily struggles. He was someone citizens could relate to and turn to for straight answers, even if they may not have always agreed with him.

He was a man of vision who never shied from taking bold actions, and his legacy is seen throughout the City and County of Honolulu today.

We are grateful for Frank Fasi’s years of service, and extend our deepest sympathy to his wife Joyce and their entire family.”

Mayor Billy Kenoi issued the following statement:

“Mayor Frank Fasi was one of the great personalities in Hawai’i politics, a political giant, and he will be missed. His will and determination to advance his agenda made him a force to be reckoned with during each and every year of his long political career, whether he was serving in the Territorial Legislature, on the City Council, or governing as Honolulu’s mayor.

“To walk through downtown Honolulu is to walk past many of the achievements of Frank Fasi’s remarkable career. Whether he was building Honolulu’s world-class bus service or leaving his imprint on the public spaces of the city, Frank Fasi ‘got the job done.’ ”

Lt. Gov. James R. “Duke” Aiona, Jr. issued the following statement:

“Frank Fasi was a giant in Hawaii politics, and his passing will be felt throughout our state.

His impact can be seen by his many public works projects and strong community programs that continue to this day.

I had the pleasure of working for Mayor Fasi early in my career as a city attorney, and he was a man of action who inspired others to do their very best.

Vivian and I extend our deepest sympathy to Joyce and all of the Fasi family, as well as his many friends and supporters across our state.”

Note: In honor of former Mayor Fasi, Lingle will order the lowering of the Hawaii State Flag on the day of his interment, once the family has finalized funeral arrangements.

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