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Senate committees to Twitter hearing updates


The Senate has announced several committees will be participating in a pilot project using Twitter to provide real-time updates on the progress of committee hearings.

The Senate Committees on Higher Education (HRE), Consumer Protection (CPC), and Health (HTH) will be sending messages to let followers know that the hearing has convened, the bill or measure being discussed, and when the hearing adjourns.

“The new social media is the perfect tool to “tweet” real-time updates during our hearings to keep the public informed,” said Sen. Jill Tokuda, chairwoman of the Committee on Higher Education.

“There are times when members of the public want to be in two different hearings at the same time,” said Sen. Rosalyn Baker, chairwoman of the Committee on Consumer Protection. “Twitter will also help the public with long hearing agendas, so they can monitor the committee’s progress and return to the hearing when we are discussing the measure of interest.”

“The Twitter Pilot Project is part of our on-going efforts to use technology to improve public access to the legislative process,” said Sen. David Ige, Majority Technology Leader. “We have improvements in the Capitol website, with video archives of legislative proceedings, and bill tracking systems.”

To get real-time hearing updates join the following Senate Committees on Twitter at:

Commerce and Consumer Protection (@HI_Senate_CPN)
Higher Education (@HI_Senate_HRE)
Health (@HI_Senate_HTH)

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