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Police standoff in Hilo ends with man in custody


A 32-year-old Hilo man was safely taken into custody Thursday night (January 28) following an approximately two-hour standoff with police.

Around 10 p.m. Thursday, South Hilo Patrol Officers responded to a home on Lanikāula Street in the House Lots area of Hilo for a behavioral disturbance call. There, officers were confronted with a man who had barricaded himself inside the house and was threatening to harm himself.

The Police Department’s Special Response Team was activated shortly thereafter.

Just before midnight, the man surrendered to officers and was taken to Hilo Medical Center for an emergency psychiatric evaluation. His apprehension was based solely on his clear need for immediate medical attention. He was not arrested for any criminal offense.

4 Responses to “Police standoff in Hilo ends with man in custody”

  1. great news for hilo police dept great job guys

  2. great job hilo police nobody got hurt ill ask the cheif to give you guys a big pay raise

  3. The map included with this is Oahu.


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