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Sopogy wins SmallBiz Success Award for innovation


Sopogy, Inc., the world’s first micro-concentrated solar power provider, garnered an award in the Innovation category presented at the Hawaii Business 2010 SmallBiz Success Awards Event at the Hawaii Prince Hotel.

Hawaii Business magazine annually honors outstanding Hawaii-based small businesses for rapid sales growth, a unique product, notable longevity, overcoming an unusual challenge or executing a dramatic turnaround.

Nearly 100 nominations were evaluated by a panel of ten judges consisting of C-level executives from Hawaii small businesses and organizations, as well as Hawaii Business magazine senior writers.

“We are pleased to be recognized for innovative excellence by our peers,” said Darren Kimura, Sopogy President and CEO. “This is another step forward for Sopogy to continue our mission to invent, manufacture and sell the world’s most innovative and affordable solar collectors. The culture of innovation has been instrumental to our company’s growth so we are very proud to receive this honor, but even more importantly, are especially pleased to have a positive impact on our community and the solar industry at whole.”

Sopogy’s award-winning MicroCSP technologies efficiently and cost-effectively generate electricity, steam, solar air conditioning and other thermal energy forms – helping customers achieve their renewable energy goals and faster paybacks for their investment.

Most recently, Sopogy unveiled the first MicroCSP solar thermal plant across 3.8 acres at the Natural Energy Laboratory of Hawaii (NELHA) in Kona in December 2009. As the largest solar project in Hawaii, it is aptly named “Holaniku at Keahole Point” which comes from the Hawaiian term for a location that has everything required for self-sufficiency.

Sopogy’s flagship technology, the SopoNovaTM has pioneered the concept of MicroCSP by combining the reliable performance of conventional concentrating parabolic trough technologies with several novel and revolutionary features that include the world’s first 270 degree MicroCSP tracker, integrated stands, automatic operation, and custom controls.

Additional innovations include the recently launched SopoflareTM, designed specifically for rooftop installations with a unique, easy mounting and fastening system and the SopoliteTM, a fully functional mobile lab unit used to collect solar radiation and weather data at any given location and evaluate a project site’s potential.

Locally, Sopogy has been integral in creating green jobs in Hawaii, encouraging the growth of the technology industry in the state, promoting economic diversification, and attracting foreign and mainland investors. Sopogy’s homegrown technology will help Hawaii become independent from foreign oil while having the intelligence here in Hawaii that will make us the beacon for the rest of the world when it comes to clean and green power.

About Sopogy

Sopogy specializes in MicroCSP™ solar technologies that bring the economics of large solar energy systems to the industrial, commercial and utility sectors in a smaller, robust and more cost effective package. Sopogy’s goal is to create solar solutions that improve the quality of life and simplify the solar power business. For more information, visit

About Hawaii Business Magazine

Founded in 1955, Hawaii Business is the oldest regional business magazine in America. The magazine covers the state’s major industries: tourism, construction, agriculture and real estate. The SB section, which runs every month, covers Hawaii’s small businesses. Its parent company, PacificBasin Communications, also publishes Honolulu Magazine and Pacific Magazine. For more information, visit

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