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Corrections workers plan to picket UPW Hall today (Jan 26)


It has been tough these past months and this department that we have dedicated our lives to serving has let us down. They have caused ill feelings and division between both facilities. But worst of all, “Our Union, Our Family”….UPW has failed to represent us. UPW is stating that they are fighting for the closing of Kulani Correctional Facility and also refused to represent HCCC’s employees. Everyone understands that our State economy is facing tough times, and all correctional workers will be taking pay cuts in these difficult times. But on top of these pay cuts, we on the BIG ISLAND are the only one’s facing a “Reduction in Force” which is causing job losses and many to move to outer islands which will cause greater financial difficulties. We have become the SACRIFICIAL LAMBS!!!!! Now in our greatest time of need, where the motto of our union is “an injury to one is an injury to all”, is not being held up!!!….

On January 11, 2009, while our Union, who was supposedly fighting for HCCC & KULANI members, the Director of UPW Dayton Nakanelua not only sat side by side with Director of PSD Clayton Frank, but answered the questions made by members (who are either getting layoff or forced to move to another island) that were directed to Clayton Frank. Our own Director of UPW appeared to be in representation of Public Safety Department. Even after questioned as to why he wasn’t sitting with his members in this meeting, still refused to move and support his members. WE ARE ALL BEING SOLD OUT!!!!! Both the Department and UPW are hoping that we just do nothing and take the sacrifice for the entire state….but now is the time that we must UNITE AND STAND TOGETHER!!!!!! Our voices must and shall be heard…we will not and shall not lay down as our fellow brothers and sisters suffer unfair treatment. Join us to make a stand. We will be picketing the UPW hall, to allow our voices and concerns to be heard all over the State…This event will be held as follows:

LOCATION: Hawaii Division UPW Hall
WHEN: Tuesday, January 26, 2010 @ 10:00am

This will be a peaceful demonstration and we are encouraging our families to come, because these are the people who are the ones ultimately affected. Our goal is to allow our voices to be heard. We all understand that as a State everyone must make sacrifices, but we are pleading that we deserve to be treated equally and fairly. We are stronger in numbers, so we MUST UNITE TOGETHER and STAND STRONG!!!!!

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