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Police arrest two in Kealakekua Bay kayak sting operation


Herman Santiago

In response to citizen complaints about illegal kayak vendors at Napoopoo Pier, officers from the Hawai’i Police Department Vice Section, Community Policing Office and Special Enforcement Unit and officers from the State Department of Land and Natural Resources conducted a sting operation Monday morning (January 11).

As a result of the sting, police arrested 49-year-old Herman Santiago of Kealakekua and charged him with theft, pedestrian soliciting business and commercial use of a county street. His bail was set at $1,000.

Police also arrested 26-year-old Kapahukula Voorhees of Kealakekua on a bench warrant for contempt of court and for promoting a detrimental drug. Officers recovered two grams of dried, processed marijuana in connection with his arrest and a second case that is still under investigation. Voorhees’ bail was set at $550.

Kapahukula Voorhees

Both men are being held at the Kona police cellblock.

Police initiated a second case of promoting a detrimental drug against a 46-year-old Kealakekua woman, who was not arrested. Detectives from the Area II Vice Section are continuing that investigation.

The Department of Land and Natural Resources seized two kayaks and police issued several additional citations for regulatory and parking violations.

4 Responses to “Police arrest two in Kealakekua Bay kayak sting operation”

  1. alohvit says:

    Yep, those are some of the dudes who were harassing the tourists down there. Even charged for parking. Mahalo to the HPD!

  2. bobmiller says:

    yeah and they mark on peoples cars with permanent markers if you dont pay

  3. nancy says:

    sorry to not agree with all of you but i was never charged for parking. and i had a great time with them. we went out on a rough day and we got stuck out there we could not get back into our kayak. there was no one out there with us and i was scared. but the bigger guy kapa rescued us and helped us back in our boat. if it wasnt for him down there i would have drowned. we didn’t even get kayaks from them ,we rented them from the top of the road.

  4. Detour Dave in Capt Cook says:

    Herman must have went on the deep end as I have seen him down there for the last 6 years and he was a really nice guy. Probably hung out with the wrong meth crowd most likely. The place had started to look pretty scary with the derelect locals waiting by the park entrance like vultures with their missing teeth , doobie smoking, beers and most likely meth,too. They seemed innocent enough but meth will tweak and I’m sure a lot of tourist went away with a bad impression.

    Herman was always helpful to the tourists and who cares if they tipped him. Charging for parking is pushing the limit,though if that happened.

    I always park by the bay and hang out there now, not the main park when I go with my family.

    Hate to say it(know I’m getting old when I do) but the cops should patrol the place more. Don’t want another Hookena or Pines on our hands.

    Rock on



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