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Inouye’s statement on the Akaka Bill


Sen. Daniel K. Inouye issued the following statement about the current process for consideration of the Native Hawaiian Government Reorganization Act of 2009, also known as the Akaka Bill.

The bill is scheduled for a markup Wednesday, Dec. 16 in the House Natural Resources Committee and the Senate Indian Affairs Committee on Thursday, Dec. 17.

I have never suggested that the Akaka Native Hawaiian Recognition Bill be passed and adopted as part of the defense appropriations process.

I don’t know where this nonsensical suggestion originated. The Akaka Bill for the past many years has been considered under what we call the regular order. It has had hours upon hours of hearings, many, many revisions and amendments and has gone through the scrutiny  of three administrations.

We have had hearings in Washington and in Hawaii. It is not a measure that has been shepherded in the dark of the night. It has been fully transparent.

Sen. Daniel Inouye

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