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Peace signs popping up (Nov. 7)

Jim Albertini released the following statement ahead of the Hilo Veterans Parade:

Please join with others to hold peace signs beginning at 8:30 a.m., Saturday, Nov. 7 on the makai side of Kamehameha Avenue across from the Hilo Farmers Market. (The sign holding will be stationary, not in the parade).

Prior to the parade we will need several people to hand out a flyer ahead of the parade along the parade route. In all we do (message on signs included), we request that people come with a respectful attitude to vets and their families and to all encountered during the day.

We want to raise our concerns to stop the wars and depleted uranium contamination in the spirit of aloha and the tradition of non-violence.

We support veterans being given the best possible medical care but we are opposed to U.S. wars of aggression that keep producing more and more disabled veterans.

It’s time to end (not escalate) these illegal wars and the illegal occupations of Iraq, Afghanistan and Hawaii.  The money being spent to kill people abroad should be spent to create jobs at home.  The only people who get rich off war are the arms makers.

We commend LTC Warline Richardson, Commanding Officer at PTA, who has ordered the removal of all mobile weapon systems from parade vehicles.  We expressed concern that parading weapons glorifies war and desensitizes young and old to the horrors of war.

Dr. Lorrin Pang, MD, MPH, born and raised in Hawaii and Retired Army Medical Corp, and America’s Best Doctors Listing, says, “I suggest we adhere to the precautionary principle and honor our veterans by not further exposing them (and the public) to further unknown agents.  Remember both (Major Doug)  Rokke (quoted below) and I are former Army and we are still watching out for the soldiers.”

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