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Lingle releases $3M for state hospitals; $1.2M for Big Island


Gov. Linda Lingle has released $3,049,000 for improvements at state hospitals, including upgrades to X-ray systems, an emergency room renovation, electrical upgrades and other improvements.

Three facilities on the Big Island are among those on the list.

Ka‘u Hospital, Kohala Hospital and Hale Hoola Hamakua on the Big Island will each receive $414,000 to replace aging X-ray systems.

Lanai Hospital will receive $1,200,000 for various improvements, including renovations to the emergency room, construction of a new waiting room, installation of new doors and replacement of equipment. In addition, the existing X-ray equipment and film processor will be replaced.

Leahi Hospital on Oahu will receive $150,000 to install a new grease trap system to bring the hospital into compliance with Environmental Protection Agency regulations and requirements.

Kula Hospital on Maui will receive $43,000 to finance electrical improvements, in addition to $414,000 to replace its aging X-ray system.

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