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Google gadget delivers daily dose of Hawaii

'My Daily Hawaii' features photos, trivia and travel tips. (Hawaii 24/7 photo by Karin Stanton)

'My Daily Hawaii' features photos, trivia and travel tips. (Hawaii 24/7 photo by Karin Stanton)


Nothing lifts the spirits like a daily dose of Hawaii. Now Google users can get a daily fix of Hawaii delivered straight to their iGoogle home page.

My Daily Hawaii is a Google gadget featuring Hawaii pictures, trivia, history, travel tips, airfare alerts, a weather synopsis, and information on vacation rentals.

Created by, one of Hawaii’s premier travel Web sites, My Daily Hawaii presents Hawaii lovers and travelers with an assortment of interesting Hawaii information.

Every day a new picture is presented, often showing off one of Hawaii’s beautiful beaches. By clicking on the photo, users can get more detailed information about that attraction from the HawaiiGaga Web site including additional panoramic photos.

A daily trivia question tests one’s knowledge of the Hawaiian Islands, while the history section presents an interesting Hawaii fact. Correct answers to the trivia questions are rewarded with “super cute puppy picture prizes.”

My Daily Hawaii also contains hundreds of travel tips. From recommendations on how to rent a car or enjoying a more comfortable flight, to tips specific to Hawaii such as ocean safety information and sight seeing suggestions. The travel tips section helps prepare vacationers for an upcoming holiday.

The island weather forecast section reminds travelers of the warm weather Hawaii enjoys year round, while also giving them an idea of how weather varies among each of the islands. The forecast shows the current weather, and what is expected for the rest of the week.

The Flights section of My Daily Hawaii shows the best prices people are currently paying on airfare to Hawaii, and can be customized to show information from a specific airport. This allows people to discover great rates with little effort.

Finally, the Diggs section gives people suggestions on some of Hawaii’s excellent vacation rentals.

My Daily Hawaii is hosted in Google’s gadget directory. Adding the gadget to your Google home page is a simple one click process. is a leading Hawaii vacation guide that maintains the world’s most organized and comprehensive directory of Hawaii vacation rentals. has also published Hawaii Google Themes, backgrounds pictures that can be applied to the Google home page.

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