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Governor Lingle releases $203M for UH System

Governor Lingle releases $203 million for University of Hawai‘i capital improvements, maintenance and new construction


HONOLULU – Governor Linda Lingle has released over the last quarter $203,144,000 for renovations and new construction at University of Hawai‘i campuses statewide. The projects include improvements to the Campus Center at University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa and the Student Services Building at UH-Hilo, a new Hawaiian Language building at UH-Hilo, a new Cancer Research Center at the UH School of Medicine in Kaka‘ako, and capital renewal and deferred maintenance projects at University of Hawai‘i campuses statewide. The funds were appropriated by the Legislature this past legislative session.

The funds for the UH-Mānoa Campus Center, UH-Hilo Student Services building, UH-Hilo Hawaiian Language building and UH-Hilo College of Pharmacy building support the State’s capital improvement project and infrastructure construction plan to stimulate Hawai‘i’s economy and create jobs.

Funds for the capital renewal and deferred maintenance projects are part of the State’s continuing efforts to address the backlog of repair and maintenance projects and to reinvest in the University’s physical infrastructure.

UH-Mānoa Campus Center

At UH-Mānoa, $39,675,000 will be used for continuing renovations to the Campus Center, which are being implemented in three phases. The first phase, which began in 2006 and concluded last year, involved the upgrade of the center’s public restrooms and the creation of gathering areas for students at the second floor forum area.

Phase II, which will be financed by this latest allotment, will renovate Hemenway Hall, including the relocation of the Board of Publications which is currently housed in the Engineering Quad, the site for the new Recreation Center (Phase III). In addition, renovations will be made to Hemenway Hall’s Theater and a small portion of the second floor of the building. The total area to be renovated is 3,871 gross square feet.

The allotment will also be used to finance Phase III, which includes the development of a new 55,951 gross square feet addition to the existing Campus Center Complex. The new addition will include space for a new lobby and recreation uses, as well as a new multi-purpose gymnasium.

Construction on Phase II is expected to be completed in August 2010. Phase III construction is scheduled to be competed in March 2012.

UH-Mānoa Cancer Research Center

The University will utilize $28,000,000 to finance the planning and design costs for the Cancer Research Center of Hawai‘i project in Kaka‘ako. The new center in Kaka‘ako would help the Cancer Research Center of Hawai‘i to maintain its National Cancer Institute designation as a recognized cancer center.

The funds released will enable the University to initiate plans and design, including the hiring of a project manager, development team and project consultants. The approved release of the funds and subsequent commencement of the planning and design will ensure the continuation of a $1 million per year NCI federal grant that supports ongoing research at the Cancer Research Center of Hawai‘i.

UH-Hilo Student Services Building

The Governor has released $27,469,000 for the design and construction of the Student Services Building renovation and addition at UH-Hilo. The project will provide an addition to the existing Student Services Building to consolidate the campus’ student services programs and facilitate future program expansion. The Student Services Building was built over 25 years ago and was originally designed as an Administration Building; however, due to expanding student enrollment and programs, the administrative functions were moved. Continued growth of student services has led to overcrowding in the building, including hallways being used for work areas, files and storage. The new addition will provide adequate space to meet student services program needs.

Of the funds released, $337,000 will be used for the design, which includes the bidding and construction administration phases, furniture and equipment plans and specifications, and design of a new photovoltaic system. The balance, $27,132,000 will be used for construction. Construction is expected to be completed in July 2011.

UH-Hilo Hawaiian Language Building

The Governor has released $1 million to finance the continuation of the design for the development of the College of Hawaiian Language Building at UH-Hilo. Currently, the college is dispersed in several buildings. The new facility will allow the College to consolidate its operations. The project will provide a state-of-the-art facility that will increase the visibility of the College of Hawaiian Language and supply the physical resources to accommodate continued curriculum development, distance education needs and high-tech learning.

UH System-wide Capital Renewal and Deferred Maintenance

The Governor also recently released $107 million to UH as part of the State’s efforts to address the University’s critical maintenance backlog of $368.4 million. UH officials have projected that $104 million is needed to be invested annually in infrastructure and facility improvements to close the backlog in eight years.

The $107 million will be used for repairs and maintenance projects including reroofing, mechanical and electrical systems, renovations, resurfacing, repainting and other improvements to upgrade facilities at all UH campuses. The projects will ensure the University’s facilities and physical infrastructure are functional, architecturally sound, aesthetically pleasing and in compliance with building and safety codes.

Projects include:
UH-Mānoa: Elevator and conveying system work, fire detection systems, air conditioning and ventilation equipment and controls, chiller upgrades, reroofing, plumbing, lighting and electrical equipment upgrades.

UH-Hilo: Air conditioning upgrades, reroofing, parking repairs and repaving, fire projection, and building modernization.

UH-West O‘ahu: Construction to repair wooden decks.

Community Colleges: Air conditioning repairs, renovations and reroofing.

UH System: Asset and space management plans for campus repair and maintenance needs.

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