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State furlough schedules through 2010


Following the ratification by Hawaii Government Employees Association members of a new two-year contract, Gov. Linda Lingle this week announced details of a plan that calls for two furlough days per month for the next 20 months for state employees.

To minimize the impact on the public, most state offices will close all or portions of their operations on two specified Fridays per month.

The Leiopapa A Kamehameha State Office Tower, like other state office buildings, will close two business days per month.

Under the plan, in accordance with the new HGEA contract, full-time state employees under the governor’s jurisdiction will be placed on furlough for 18 days through June 30, 2010; and 24 days of furlough for fiscal year 2011, starting July 1, 2010 through June 30, 2011. Part-time employees will be placed on furlough on a pro-rated equivalent basis.

The furlough plan applies to HGEA employees in the Executive Branch including 16 state departments and their attached agencies. In addition, the plan applies to non-union “exempt excluded” employees in the Executive Branch.

Exempt excluded employees who have been taking three furlough days per month since Sept. 16, will now conform to two furlough days per month as reflected in the new HGEA contract.

“Our focus in developing the furlough plan was to ensure State government offices continue to provide the best possible service to the public under the current fiscal circumstances,” Lingle said. “I have every confidence that our dedicated state employees will do whatever they can within their operations to minimize disruptions in services. We appreciate the public’s understanding and patience as our employees make the necessary adjustments in their work schedules.”

Read the detailed furlough plan and schedule at

Learn more about the plan through employee Q&A at


All courts and administrative operations of the Hawaii State Judiciary, with the exception of the Juvenile Detention facility, will be closed while employees are on furlough two days each month, effective November 2009.

A calendar of furlough days from November 2009 through June 2010 is posted on the Judiciary’s Web site at

The Hawaii Supreme Court has ordered that, for purposes of calculating time, each furlough day be treated as a Saturday or Sunday. Therefore, a person who has a document due on a furlough day may file the document on the next business day.

“The decision to furlough employees and close courthouses statewide was a very difficult one for me, but one that had to be made in light of our state’s current economic crisis,” Chief Justice Ronald Moon said. “I am confident that our judges and employees will do their best to minimize the inconvenience to the public, however, court users should anticipate some delays and changes in services.”

The Judiciary coordinated its furlough schedule with certain agencies, including the Department of Public Safety, as services such as security and transport of persons held in custody by deputy sheriffs are needed for court operations.

The Department of Education’s furlough schedule was also considered to accommodate parent-employees.

The Judiciary’s website offers users the option of transacting some types of court business online, thereby eliminating the need to go to a courthouse.  Online users may pay fines and fees for traffic infractions, research case information, and obtain court forms.




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