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HPA establishes “The Kulia Fund” to support financial aid program

More than $1 Million Raised to Support Search for Promising Youth

In response to increasing demand for financial aid and scholarship assistance, the Hawaii Preparatory Academy has established “The Kulia Fund,” an endowment to support high school students who are seeking the opportunity to excel in a unique secondary school environment. The announcement, made on Tuesday, October 20, by Headmaster Lindsay Barnes Jr., comes during the school’s 60th anniversary.

“In these dark economic times, we wanted to offer a bit of good news to those students and families who have dedicated themselves to quality, to always striving for the best,” said Barnes. The first scholarships will be awarded for the 2010-2011 school year.

The Kulia Fund already is seeing generous support from the HPA school community. “We’ve received four incredibly generous commitments to date,” said Keawe Liu, HPA’s director of advancement and an alumnus of the school. “These commitments include a $1 million gift from an HPA parent who believes deeply in the goals of The Kulia Fund.”

“The Kulia Fund will be truly transformational, particularly for young people who might not otherwise have the financial resources to attend HPA, but are rich in spirit and personal integrity, have a desire to achieve, and are committed to contributing to school life both in and out of the classroom, ” said Barnes. “Our aim is to make it possible for promising young people to receive one of the greatest gifts of all, the gift of a quality college-preparatory education. Knocking down barriers and creating opportunity—this is what The Kulia Fund is all about.”

In addition to opening many new doors for involvement and philanthropy at HPA, this program, in conjunction with the school’s other donors who helped pave the way for The Kulia Fund, “will change the way we will look at applicants and what their skills can add to our school’s overall environment, “ said Liu. “When financial barriers are erased, we can look solely at the many talents and abilities of each applicant. This has been the key element for The Kulia Fund’s donors thus far—the concept that with this endowment, we will be able to assist the most deserving and motivated students, regardless of their financial situation. The fund, at its core, is inspirational because it gives opportunities to those who deserve them the most, and it will transform what we can accomplish here at HPA.”

The goal of The Kulia Fund is to bridge the financial “gap” between what HPA has been able to offer in need-based financial aid and what some applicants’ families can afford. The recipients of The Kulia Fund Scholarship will be young people of the highest caliber. These students must demonstrate through prior commitments and activities that their dedication to excellence and hard work is extraordinary in any or all of the following areas: academics, athletics, leadership, performing/fine arts, and as applicable, residential life in a boarding school environment. The Kulia Fund Scholarship will be awarded to individuals who will enhance the environment of the school, which will lead to a more productive and successful educational experience for all, as Kulia Fund Scholarship recipients strive for excellence, thereby raising the bar for everyone.

The Kulia Fund applicants must meet the following eligibility requirements:

—Submit the required Hawaii Preparatory Academy admission and financial aid documents by the published deadlines to the school. HPA will determine the applicant’s admission eligibility.

—Based on acceptance to HPA and the applicant’s demonstrated 75 to 100 percent need, complete The Kulia Fund Scholarship application, which will be forwarded by HPA to qualifying families.

The Kulia Fund Scholarship recipients will be selected in the spring by The Kulia Fund Committee.

For more information about application and financial aid deadlines, please visit the school’s Web site at For information about participating in The Kulia Fund as a donor, contact Keawe Liu at 808-881-4049 (e-mail:

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