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Governor Lingle talks about clean energy initiative


Feed-In Tariff To Attract Investments In Hawai’i Clean Energy


Hawai’i has long been one of the most oil-dependent states in the nation. However, through the unprecedented Hawai’i Clean Energy Initiative and its ambitious goal of achieving 70 percent clean energy by the year 2030, our state has rapidly become a global leader in securing a clean energy future.

A recent decision by the Public Utilities Commission is a significant move forward in attracting investments in clean energy projects statewide.

Through a price guarantee, or feed-in tariff, for electricity produced by sun, wind, and hydroelectric sources, Hawaiian Electric Companies will now pay a set rate for renewable energy fed into the grid. This incentive will draw additional investment into Hawai‘i’s renewable energy developments and signify to the rest of the nation and global community that Hawai’i is a model for clean energy initiatives.

As we work to boost our own economic recovery, this important decision lays the ground work for our future successes. By committing to our shared vision for Hawai‘i’s future, we – Hawai‘i’s clean energy advocates, state government leaders, and ultimately you, the consumers – are building not just for today, but for tomorrow.

Mahalo. This is Governor Linda Lingle.

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