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Hawaii keiki win 50,000 new books from First Book contest


whatbookgotyouhookedWith over 90,000 out of the nearly 290,000 votes cast, the winner of this year’s What Book Got You Hooked? campaign is Hawaii! Congratulations to the Aloha State!

Programs serving kids in need in the state which are registered with First Book will be eligible to participate in the book distribution which will take place in the coming months.

Although voting has concluded for our 2009 campaign, you can still make a donation to help provide brand new books to children in need as well as share your favorite books and memories year round!

See the entire list of state rankings by visiting the What Book Got You Hooked? Web site.

And stay tuned! We’re tallying the results and the list of your favorite books will be announced online in the next few days.

Final State Rankings

1. Hawaii
2. North Carolina
3. Kentucky
4. Oklahoma
5. Alabama
6. Nebraska
7. West Virginia
8. South Carolina
9. Virginia
10. Massachusetts
11. Texas
12. California
13. Ohio
14. Florida
15. Michigan
16. Louisiana
17. Indiana
18. Illinois
19. Georgia
20. Arizona
21. Colorado
22. Missouri
23. Mississippi
24. Iowa
25. Kansas
26. Tennessee
27. Pennsylvania
28. New York
29. Washington
30. District of Columbia
31. Maine
32. Maryland
33. Oregon
34. Idaho
35. Arkansas
36. Minnesota
37. Wisconsin
38. New Jersey
39. Nevada
40. North Dakota
41. Alaska
42. New Mexico
43. Connecticut
44. Wyoming
45. Utah
46. New Hampshire
47. Rhode Island
48. South Dakota
49. Delaware
50. Montana
51. Vermont

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