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Opinion: Release state grant money to acquire ag land


Dear Peace & Justice friends, September 26, 2009

I am writing to you about an urgent matter of preserving important agricultural land.

malu aina logo200A year ago I was informed that 11.14 acres of Ag 5 land (TMK 1-7-002-016) adjacent to our 22 acre organic farm was going to be put up for sale at $250,000. Malu ‘Aina, our non-profit organization, has been trying to acquire the land with plans to grow food for people in need, train the next generation of farmers, increase self-sufficiency and promote organic farming.

A group of supporters has pledged 25% of the funds needed and the State Land Conservation Commission has approved a grant for the remaining 75%. Unfortunately Governor Lingle has withheld the state funds and now the landowner, who has been patient and sympathetic to the cause of keeping the land in agricultural use, is under pressure to sell in order to meet financial obligations.

Our window of opportunity to save this land from speculative development and for organic farm use is rapidly closing and I am asking you to get involved.

In the next few weeks I will be contacting organizations and individuals in hope of finding a way to preserve this land. What’s needed is an individual, organization, group of individuals or a group of organizations with the means to purchase the land and use it for organic agriculture and/or hold it until state funds are released or private foundation funds are secured by Malu ‘Aina.

If we are going to save the land, we need to act fast. All ideas are welcome. If you or anyone you know would like to get involved, please contact me as soon as possible. We would like to hold a meeting at Malu ‘Aina on Saturday October 24th at 9:00 AM where a decision will be made on the fate of this effort to malama ‘aina. I truly hope for your participation.

With gratitude and Aloha,
Jim Albertini
for Malu ‘Aina
Phone (808) 966-7622

2 Responses to “Opinion: Release state grant money to acquire ag land”

  1. Manawai says:

    Anybody who would get into bed financially with this former ugly activist is out of their mind. He's created his own little world up in (Volcano) where he can make a living without paying taxes or doing his part to support government and social services he uses all while playing the game that he's actually doing anything (like teaching – lol) for anybody other than himself and his handful of naive followers. Ask him for his 501(c)3 certificate from the IRS. Legal? lol Hippie heaven = no responsibility.

  2. Yer Crazy says:

    Sorry, you obviously don’t know Jim Albertini. Having known him for 30 years, he is none of the things you say he is. Why don’t you go visit him at Malu Aina and get the real story; I think you’d actually be quite impressed at what he is doing there. What are you afraid of? Give him a call, he’s in the book.


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