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Kona sisters featured in book “Little Redheads Across America”



Little Redheads can Celebrate with the release of “Little Redheads Across America” Book

Shayden and Shasley of Kona

Shayden and Shasley of Kona

Nicole Giladi, founder of Redhead Publishing LLC, released a children’s book, titled “Little Redheads Across America.” A children’s coffee table book filled with over 400 professional photographs of little redheads from every state in the United States.

Inspired by the extra attention her coppered haired son would receive in public, Author Nicole Giladi, a brunette, became curious about redheads and their physical traits. “I was fascinated to learn that redheads make up only 2-4% of the US population. I was also astonished to learn that it’s a recessive gene, which means both my husband and I gave our son his coppered colored locks” Giladi said.

In addition to the photographs, the book contains kid friendly facts about redhead characteristics like freckles, sunburns, genetics and teasing.

“I knew the world would look at my son differently, and I wanted to create something to help him and other redheads, truly understand how special they are,” said Giladi. This labor of love creation has been made into an 88-page hardcover book and can be purchased on the author’s web site: www.littleredheadsacrossameric…

Beginning at strawberry blonde, the lightest shade on the red hair spectrum, to auburn, the darkest, us Americans have the largest population of redheads in the world, with somewhere between 6 to 12 million.

The Little Redheads Across America book project took two-and-a-half years to complete and showcases the most compelling collection of professional photographs of children from across the United States. Also included are fun and educational facts about our 50 states.

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