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Hoffmann, Pilago, Yagong interviews live on Internet


Big Island residents are invited to call in and be part of the show for this live broadcast Sunday, Aug. 16, via the Internet on

Calls will be taken at 769-0998. This edition of Big Island Live will be hosted by Kristine Kubat.

Councilman Pete Hoffmann will be first up at 5:30 p.m., and he will be talking about the proposed restructuring of the County Council.

Joining him will be former Council Chairman Angel Pilago.

There is a public hearing scheduled for Sept. 14 about the restructuring.

Next up is Dominic Yagong, and he will be addressing the proposed sale of the Hamakua Sugar lands that the county acquired in 1994 for delinquent taxes from Hamakua Sugar Company.

This sale will be addressed in the Aug. 19 Council meeting in Kona.

Callers are urged to limit their questions to the specific topics.

If you have an idea for a show, contact Big Island Live at 327-9659.

The Big Island Live Broadcasting Network is dedicated to providing an outlet for multimedia coverage of breaking news and live entertainment on the Big Island.

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