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Volcano Watch: Kilauea activity update for week of Aug. 1

(Activity updates are written by scientists at the U.S. Geological Survey’s Hawaiian Volcano Observatory.) 

Lava continues to erupt from the TEB vent, on Kilauea’s east rift zone, and flows through tubes to the ocean at Waikupanaha. Breakouts from the tube on the pali have been supplying surface flows in the Royal Gardens area. 

A DI event which began yesterday, and is ongoing as of this writing (Thursday, Aug. 6), has disrupted the lava supply and resulted in a decrease in ocean entry and surface activity. The lava supply, however, typically recovers after a few days.

The vent at Kilauea’s summit was dark and quiet all week, producing only a very small quantity of rock dust from small collapses of the vent walls. Volcanic gas emissions remain elevated, resulting in high concentrations of sulfur dioxide downwind. 

No earthquakes beneath Hawaii Island were reported felt this past week.

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