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Felicia ushers in new Red Cross technology


The Hawaii State Chapter of the American Red Cross (ARC) is utilizing new technology in responding to disasters, as Hurricane Felicia took aim at the Big Island.  

Hawaii Red Cross emergency response teams will be equipped with the Rapid Data Management System (RDMS) patented an produced by Global Relief Technologies (GRT).

The GRT technology solution allows all emergency responders and relief workers to gather, transmit and analyze data in real time during those chaotic hours and days following a disaster, with portable satellite uplinks sending the informati on to a secure, Web-based command center.  

There, all agencies involved can access analyzed information immediately.

The ARC realized unprecedented success while using GRT’s system for the first time following Hurricanes Dolly, Ike and Gustav in 2009.  

The Red Cross was able to complete more than 50,000 assessments using GRT’s RDMS in a few days, greatly enhancing the relief effort and getting supplies and assistance to the ravaged areas most in need. 

Without GRT’s technology, it took several weeks to complete the tens of thousands of necessary assessments.  

Following the success realized last year, the Red Cross lauded the GRT solution as a vital tool in helping to overcome the response deficiencies exposed following Hurricane Katrina. 

ARC team leaders from across the country were at GRT headquarters in New Hampshire two weeks ago, receiving updated training on the technology system.  

Those leaders went back to further train their own teams, expanding use of RDMS to many other areas this season, including Hawaii.

Hawaii Red Cross workers will use RDMS to assess overall damage, flooding conditions, medical and shelter needs, and greatly increase the efficiency and accuracy of the response and relief efforts.  

GRT CEO Michael Gray and Emergency Management VP Adam Cote will be arriving Sunday in Honolulu to assist the Hawaii Red Cross with the deployment of the GRT system.    

The use of this Rapid Data Management System by Red Cross is a major part of implementing the Post Katrina Emergency Management Reform Act of 2006, and this is the first time Hawaii Red Cross teams will utilize ths system following a named storm. 

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