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Acting Sergeant Kelvin Freitas is Officer of the Month for August


Acting Sergeant Kelvin Freitas

Acting Sergeant Kelvin Freitas

The Kona Crime Prevention Committee recognized Acting Sergeant Kelvin Freitas on Wednesday (August) as “Officer of the Month.”

During a luncheon ceremony at King Kamehameha’s Kona Beach Hotel, Freitas was honored for his outstanding work in decreasing crime in the downtown Kona area and in Kona’s public parks through his leadership of a Special Enforcement Unit. Under his supervision, his teams initiated an average of 169 cases and 136 arrests per month, totaling 675 investigations and 542 arrests.

As “Officer of the Month,” Freitas is eligible to become “Officer of the Year.”

The Kona Crime Prevention Committee is an organization that encourages community involvement in aiding and supporting police in West Hawai’i.

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