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Police cracking down on ATV riders on public roads


The Hawai’i Police Department is warning the public that officers will continue to issue citations to anyone who operates a dirt bike or all-terrain vehicle on any public road in Hawai’i County. This includes state and county roads as well as private roads open to the public.

Vehicles that use public roads and highways must meet federal motor vehicle safety standards. ATVs fail to meet those standards.

ATVs should not be used on private lands without the landowner’s permission or on public beaches.

Persons operating an ATV on a public road or highway are subject to a number of citations, including no valid license plates, no safety check, no weight tax sticker and no no-fault insurance.

Police ask for your help in refraining from using vehicles meant for off-road use on our public roads and highways.

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  1. paniolo737 says:

    They also need to turn attention the building of race tracks for ATVs and dirt bikes on private land. The noise from those operations is untenable for residents within earshot.

    It is also a safety issue. Private tracks are unmonitored. Public tracks require safety gear, have age limits and do not have track configurations that invite crashes.


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