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Building permit applications routed to Planning Department first


There has been a recent change to the building permit process. As of July 7, permit applications go first to the Planning Department for review after the application is obtained from the Department of Public Works’ Building Division.

Previously, permit applications were taken to the Public Works Engineering Division for review. The applicant would route the permit application to the Public Works Engineering Division for review, then on to the Planning Department. The routing change will place the Planning Department first for review ahead of the Engineering Division.

“This change makes sense since Planning is the agency that decides if a project or activity is permitted,” said Bobby Jean Leithead-Todd, Director for the Planning Department. “There is no point for other agencies to be conducting reviews on a project if it is not first permitted by Planning.

Various permitting procedures for building permit applications may require additional information such as archaeological and drainage reports that could affect the site and its configuration.

This will save the customer and the County time and money because any changes to the building plans can be made prior to finalizing the construction plans and commencement of reviews by other affected government agencies.

The applicant is responsible for routing and tracking the completed building permit application with plans to three or more agencies before returning these plans to Building division to be reviewed for final approval prior to construction.

A building permit worksheet is available on-line at the County of Hawaii’s website, Log into the “Departments” page; go to Public Works and click on “Building.” Owners may complete this form and bring it, along with their building plans, to either the Kona or Hilo office. Additionally, the County Department of Public Works has an informational booklet, “How to Obtain a Building Permit,” which is also on-line. It explains the process and a varying fee structure for residential buildings.

For further information visit or call either Building Division office weekdays between 7:45a.m. and 4:30 p.m. The Hilo office is located in the Aupuni Center, 101 Pauahi St., phone 961-8331. The Kona office is in Hanama Place, 75-7506 Kuakini Highway, phone 327-3520.

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