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Humane Society wins community education award


In recognition of Hawaii Island Humane Society’s efforts to integrate a broad spectrum of educational-based programs into their day-to-day operations, HIHS was presented with the Kona-Kohala Chamber of Commerce’s 2009 Pualu Award for Community Education.

From Animal Ed-Ventures day camps that include fun activities with opportunities for children to interact with shelter animals to Junior Pals, an opportunity for anyone under the age of 16 to volunteer at shelters in Kona, Waimea or Keaau, HIHS outreach programs are integral to its mission and were among key factors in winning the Chamber’s Community Education Award.

During the school year an introduction of HIHS by the Society’s Humane Education Coordinator is supplemented by lessons in basic pet care customized to classrooms from pre-K through 12. 

The program is organized through the school’s curriculum coordinator or principal and is offered free as part of Hawaii Island Humane Society’s educational outreach program.  

A grant received by HIHS will allow the society to introduce Kind News from the Humane Society of the United States. Free back packs filled with learning materials and lessons will soon be available to island teachers. 

Instructors will be able to check out the packs from HIHS shelters for a small, refundable deposit to use in classroom lessons.

Educational outreach is further achieved to the broader community through the Hawaii Island Humane Society’s quarterly newsletter, Paw Prints. 

Topics in Paw Prints always include a Vet Corner, a Humane Educator Corner and “It’s the Law” column to increase reader’s knowledge in these important areas relating to animal care.

These and other innovative educational opportunities help HIHS share their mission, their message, and raise awareness of the many challenges faced by the Hawaii Island Humane Society.

“In addition to our classroom and volunteer programs, our weekly Rescue Me ad shows an image of a shelter animal in need of a home,” HIHS Executive Director Donna Whitaker said. “The Rescue Me ads employ a different tactic to educate newspaper readers with an emotional appeal through the photo of the pet and a distinct call-to-action.”

The Kona-Kohala Chamber of Commerce recognized how diligently the Hawaii Island Humane Society works to raise awareness of their shelters and the challenges faced by pet overpopulation, disease and abuse of animals. 

A variety of methodologies each serves a unique purpose and touches different people in different ways to help educate youth and adults to become better stewards of the pets we have all been entrusted to care for.

The mission of the Hawaii Island Humane Society is to promote respect for all animals, prevent cruelty to animals, eliminate pet overpopulation, and enhance the relationship between humans and animals. 

HIHS holds a contract with the County of Hawaii to enforce certain animal-related laws and it offers 24-hour service for injured animals and other animal emergencies, humane education classes, low-cost spay and neuter services, lost and found assistance, microchipping and more. 

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