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Safeway and Target sign leases with DHHL for new Hilo stores


DHHL Signs Lease Agreement with Safeway and Target Going against the trend: confidence in Hilo pushes retailers to move forward in a challenging economy

HILO, HAWAI‘I – The Department of Hawaiian Home Lands (DHHL) signed a lease agreement today with Safeway and Target as tenants-in-common for a new development that will include a new Safeway store and Target store. This new development will bring jobs, economic activity, and increased retail opportunities for Big Island residents as well as provide additional revenue for the development of affordable homes for native Hawaiians.

“DHHL is committed to building homes for native Hawaiians but also to improving the quality of life for everyone in the surrounding area, “said Micah K?ne, director of DHHL. “The development of these retail stores goes against the trend in this down economy but it shows that Safeway and Target are confident about their future in Hilo, and that says a lot about the Big Island.”

Despite the economic downturn, this new development will infuse millions of dollars into the local economy with the development of the new stores, and create hundreds of construction and permanent retail jobs.

“This project means the workers being hired will be able to take care of their families,” said Kyle Chock, executive director of The Pacific Resource Partnership. “This project also shows confidence in the Big Island and that is a good sign.”

“Healthy communities create great places for our stores,” said Gina Pohlabel of Target. “We have long wanted to develop a store in Hilo, and with DHHL and Safeway we have found the right mix to make this happen. In addition, we’re looking forward to forging lasting partnerships with the Hilo community.”

“We are looking forward to continuing our long-standing relationship with the Hilo community by opening this new store which will include products and features that will further enhance the shopping experience for our customers,” said Gerry Wolfe vice president of development for Safeway. “Safeway is excited about the new opportunities this collaboration represents, and we are happy that this development will assist DHHL in fulfilling its critically important mission.”

“DHHL has been a good partner in improving the quality of life for everyone on the Big Island,” said Mayor Billy Kenoi. “With up to 45 percent of carpenters out of work, this project is welcomed, and I want to acknowledge Safeway and Target for moving forward on this project that will provide opportunities for employment as well as more retail options for our residents.”

“DHHL works hard to improve every region that they are in. They create jobs and economic opportunities in the region and generate revenue that allows them to build affordable homes for native Hawaiians,” said Governor Linda Lingle. “The Safeway/Target project is also a good sign because it shows the private sector is gaining confidence in our economy.”

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