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‘Hoea Ea: Return to Freedom’ Community Strengthening through Sustainability

Hoea Ea II – Return to Freedom

A Youth Leadership Food Sovereignty Gathering
Lihikai Hawaiian Cultural Learning Center
Onekahakaha, Keaukaha, Hawai`i Island
kahu`aina: uncle Keoni Turalde

June 10-14, 2009

What to know – What to bring

What to Know

Ulu ka le`ale`a: This event is for us to enjoy Keaukaha, each other, and to learn

new skills. All of us will be working on specific projects throughout the four days. We will be swimming, walking, and some will be sailing and paddling canoes, fishing in the deep water, making something out of wood, pulling weeds, working in brackish water, sleeping on the ground, and helping put on all meals, along with cleaning up. Shelter, showers and toilets will be provided on site.

We hope everyone will be able to participate in the Hi`uwai, Opening and Closing Ceremonies. The hi`uwai will take place very early Thursday morning and this is why we are asking for everyone to come on Wednesday to spend the night on site together. Chants will be practiced then and all questions answered. The Opening Ceremony is on Friday morning as the community will be present and we will have spent some time familiarizing ourselves with each other and the purpose of Hoea Ea. Come with a chant of your place and with some mea `ai (food) to represent your places. Closing Ceremony will be the final luncheon on Sunday. Come ready to sing your lessons and highlights! And yes, come to learn how to cook, clean fish, enjoy new friends!

What to Bring

This is an experiential and cultural-learning event and we hope to have zero waste. Come to work and experience new skills and new friends. Here are suggestions of

what to bring:

  • Please bring FOOD from your area to share with others (examples: uala, kalo, fish, oranges, bananas, vegetables, lychee, etc.)
  • your own eating utensils (re-usable plate, cup, fork, spoon, etc. that can be washed with the help of everyone in our washing site)
  • shoes that can get dirty, or tabis to wear in the loko i`a
  • sunscreen, hat, and long sleeve shirt if the sun affects you, junk-a-lunka clothes for outdoor work projects swimming suit and towels, and gloves if you like to use them
  • toiletries (tooth brush, soap, shampoo) t-shirts, shorts, slippers, lava-lavas
  • sleeping gear (sleeping bag, pillow, etc) (We’ll have large tents to sleep under, but you are welcome to bring your own)
  • If you have lauhala mats, bring them as they will help with ground cover and they are nice to sleep on
  • plastic tarp to put on the grass to help keep body and things dry
  • ceremonial wear for opening ceremony (kihei)
  • Ukulele, guitars, pu are welcome! Along with some songs!

Schedule of Events
(Just like life…subject to changes!)

Wednesday, June 10 E komo mai!

On-site registration starts at 12 noon and we’d like everyone to come to Lihikai, beside Onekahakaha in Keaukaha by the afternoon (between 2:00 and 5:00pm). We will set up tents, prep the kitchen, learn the ropes, prepare food, composting, etc. Evening will be spent preparing for the mornings hi`uwai, conversations on why we’re here and what’s in store. This is a Zero-Waste/Aloha Aina event. We are going to learn what that means!

Thursday, June 11 Pupukahi-i-holomua!

Pupukahi-i-holomua! We begin by opening this conference with a special focus in the early morning sunrise and ocean – this hi`uwai will set the tone. Today also is a site work day – ho`oulu aina – to help uncle Keoni and aunty Prana with opening up the loko i`a, with clearing back weeds, opening more mala kalo, and with general cleaning. Afternoon: swimming and enjoying new friends. Evening: special sessions, singing and lessons on leadership, aloha aina, food sovereignty, food security issues.

Friday, June 12 Ku i ka mana!

Today we have an Opening Ceremony at 9 a.m. that highlights each school or family’s gifts of food and skills. Keaukaha Creativity! Today we are focusing on hands-on/minds-on learning with many workshops and creative activities from a whole host of land and ocean practitioners including:

  • Making Portuguese sausage and smoke meat
  • Composting = ono soil
  • Hunting fish, cleaning fish
  • Chicken knowledge
  • Pig culture, pig cleaning, pig knowledge
  • Understanding GMO
  • Canoe cooking, canoe fishing
  • Natural Farming – IMO
  • Making recycled garden boxes
  • Loko i`a
  • Net making and fixing
  • Creative/Local cooking

Saturday, June 13 Mauli Keaukaha!

Today will be spent helping Keaukaha and Panaewa with their requested needs. We will be working with specific sites, walking distance from Onekahakaha, to put in Garden Boxes made on Friday. We will be learning more of the special sites and places of Keaukaha by swimming in them! We will also be preparing for the final pa`ina on Sunday morning.

Sunday, June 14 ‘Ike Aina!

Today is our final day! We are all going to work together to put on the late morning pa`ina. Final summary of lessons learned and highlights of Hoea Ea expressed by all students. Books will be given, along with moon calendars and t-Shirts! The event closes after lunch by 2 p.m. Please, let’s make sure we all leave and love together….

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