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Kamakana Playground: Check mate?


The chass tables are just about ready for playing chess. The rest of the playgound needs volunteers. (Photo courtesy of Cliff Kopp)

Volunteers had to go back and fix the black-and-white squares to make one of the three chess tables regulation. All fixed now! (Photo courtesy of Cliff Kopp)

With only a few days left in the 60-day renovation, Kamakana Playground volunteers are making a few adjustments and corrections before reopening.

Community Project Manager Cliff Kopp reports minor issues with one of the chess tables and the keiki zip-line, which apparently would only have been appropriate for really, really, really tall kids without the fix.

Kopp explains the chess table glitch:

Just to keep you apprised, that chess tile layout on table No. 3, we realized the next day was wrong. The left corner requires a black tile. Fortunately, we caught the error. Otherwise, the Kona Chess Club would have become spasmodic with their queens going on the wrong side of the board. Had we not ripped it out and retiled, they could have rotated the 3,000 table …

Volunteers are always welcome to help put the finishing touches on the massive project. Work begins around 8 a.m. each day.

Stay tuned for the grand reopening …

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