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Kailua Village BID update for April

The firm of Selbert Perkins Design (SPD) was selected unanimously by the board for KVBID’s Brand Positioning and Strategy.

SPD has been conducting community focus groups and will present preliminary findings the first week of May. The presentations will be open to all who are interested. 

Saving the Shower Trees

The KVBID landscape maintenance crew from Big Island Sod has been working on

repairs to irrigation systems on lower Henry Street and Palani Road. 

The landscaped medians are under a lot of stress without functioning irrigation. As a temporary fix, drip lines have been added to keep the Shower Trees alive until

permanent repairs can be made.

And on the subject of landscaping, the updated Kailua Village Landscaping Palette has been adopted by KVBID. 

It is available on CD for anyone interested in viewing the plan. There are excellent recommendations that private property owners can implement for new and improved landscaped areas.

Security Patrol Successmetrosmartcar

When you’re caught with red paint on your hands and a can of partially used red spray paint lies nearby, proving yourself innocent of spraying graffiti may be difficult. 

Such was the case recently when the KVBID Security Patrol spotted newly painted graffiti. Patrol notified police and other rovers for backup and several young males were detained for questioning.

Sooner or later the word will get out that the only graffiti anyone ever want to see are the ancient etchings in stone known as petroglyphs.

In line with its mission to become a model sustainable community, KVBID Security Patrol is now even greener. Give them a wave as you see them patrolling the village at night in their new Smart car.

Share Your Opinion

KVBID has a brief online survey to learn opinions on the safety, security and beautification of the route along Alii Drive (from Hualalai Road to Walua Road) in the district.

Take the survey at…

— Find out more:

Kailua Village Business Improvement District:

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