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Volcano Watch: Kilauea activity update for week of March 19

(Activity updates are written by scientists at the U.S. Geological Survey’s Hawaiian Volcano Observatory.)

The Waikupanaha and Kupapau ocean entries remain active, though activity at the Kupapau entry has been subdued over the past week.  Only a few surface flows were observed on the coastal plain Thursday, March 26, with this reduced activity possibly due to a deflation/inflation (DI) event that occurred mid-week.

At Kilauea’s summit, the one-year-old vent within Halemaumau Crater continues to emit elevated amounts of sulfur dioxide gas, resulting in high concentrations of sulfur dioxide downwind. 

A collapse of rubble in the vent to deeper levels on Wednesday, March 25, produced a brief brown plume.  

The next day, aerial views into the vent with a thermal camera showed that the lava pond was again visible about 110 yards below the vent rim.

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