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House budget includes $379M for Big Isle


House Budget Supports Hawaii County Capital Improvement Projects and School Repair & Maintenance. 

The State Budget Bill, HB200, HD1, passed the House of Representatives last week at the midway point of the 2009 legislative session. Hawaii County Representatives announced the House Draft includes more than $200 million in FY2010 and more than $179 million in FY2011 for Hawaii County Capital Improvement Projects, and more than $11.4 million for school repair and maintenance planned for  next fiscal year.

The bill has crossed over to the Senate for further amendments. The House and Senate will hammer out differences between House and Senate drafts of the budget toward the end of the session. At this time, the bill includes:

Hawaii County Capital Improvement Projects FY2010 FY2011

Waimea Hydropower Plant $350,000 $1,000,000

Hilo High School Gymnasium, Civil Defense Imp. $1,000,000

Mookini Luakini $250,000

Hawaii Belt Road Rockfall Protection $4,000,000

Akoni Pule Hwy Widening – Aamakao Gulch $520,000

Hawaii Belt Road, Pahoehoe Stream Bridge $745,000

Hilo International Airport Noise Attenuation $11,000,000

Hilo International Airport Taxiway Imp. $2,550,000

Hilo Harbor Pier Improvements $1,700,000 $10,000,000

HMP Pier 4 Interisland Cargo Hilo Harbor $48,000,000

UHH Hawaiian Language Bldg $19,893,000

UHH College of Pharmacy Design $5,500,000

Waiakea High School Track and Field Design $3,000,000

Waiakeawaena Elem Kinoole St. Parking $450,000

Hilo International Airport ARFF Design $605,000

Hilo International Airport Perimeter Rd $2,798,000

Hilo International Airport, T-Hangars $1,531,000

Hilo International Security Access and CCTV $2,765,000

Keaau Pahoa Road Improvements $3,300,000

Kupulau Road Extension $2,750,000

Keonepoko Elem Walkway Design P10 & P11 $200,000

Keaau-Pahoa Road Shoulder Conversion $13,860,000

Kau High School Gymnasium Design $1,800,000 $16,300,000

Kuakini Hwy Drainage Improvements $2,250,000

Mamalahoa Hwy Drainage Imp. At Kawa $1,500,00

Holualoa Elem Pedestrian Buffer Design $280,000

Kona Judiciary Plans and Land Acquisition $550,000

Kona International Terminal Expansion $60,000,000 $40,000,000

Kona International Program Support $500,000

Kona International Security Access and CCTV $2,947,000

Kona International Noise Monitoring System $100,000

Kona International ARFF Facility Improvements $15,885,000 $1,000,000

Waimea Transfer Ditch Improvements $200,000 $2,000,000

Waimea Elem and Middle Schoool Drop Off Area $70,000

Water System Improvements Lalamilo, Waimea $1,000,000

Kawaihae Harbor South Basin Improvements $280,000

Kawaihae Harbor Navigational Improvements $300,000

Hawaii County CIP and School R&M

Hawaii County Capital Improvement Projects cont. FY2010 FY2011

HMP-Pier 2 Terminal Improvements, Kawaihae $16,250,000 $5,000,000

HMP-Pier 4 Terminal Improvements, Kawaihae $36,000,000

Kawaihae Rd Bypass, Waimea to Kawaihae Design $1,250,000 $7,000,000

Traffic Operational Improvements Countywide $900,000

Street Light Installations Countywide $105,000

Rockfall Protection, Slope Stabilization Countywide $28,150,000

TOTAL $200,198,000 $179,186,000

HB200, HD1 also includes over $600 million in statewide projects for FY2010 and over $583 million for FY2011, of which Hawaii County will benefit although specific breakdowns have not yet been finalized.

Planned Repair and Maintenance for Hawaii County public schools for FY2010 total $11,480,000.

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