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‘Green by Design’ bridges gap between awareness, action


Green by Design Inc. makes it easier for consumers to make smarter, more informed choices to live a greener lifestyle. The Green by Design Web site provides a balance of services that showcase and sell products and programs that are truly green. 

Green by Design’s mission is to bridge the gap between consumer awareness and action, making it simpler to live healthy, sustainable, and affordable lifestyles as global citizens and individuals.

According to the Natural Marketing Institute, the growing $200 billion U.S. market for products and services that are healthy, environmentally sound, resource efficient, and cost effective is met by American consumers — more than 80 percent have green motivation in their purchase decisions. 

Choices around transportation, home energy, water use, clothing, food, product safety, and other major lifestyle needs are all being viewed through a green lens. 

Green by Design is an online destination that provides people with the tools they need to simplify decisions and take action that matches that intention.

“There’s a constant drum beat of messages from the government, media, business, and society telling us to do something about global warming. The rapid rise in consumer awareness has led to significant pressure and frustration with the daily barrage of advertising, products, and information clamoring for our attention. Green by Design turns down the green noise and empowers people to make wise choices,” said Martha Danly, CEO of Green by Design.

The Web site showcases the No. 1 green home in America; simplifies the economics of LED lighting; quantifies the advantages of ridesharing and commuting by bicycle; and demonstrates that recycled glass countertops are as eco-smart as they are beautiful.

“Being green starts with the right mindset, and Green by Design shows people how to turn that mindset into action and lifelong pursuit,” said David Gottfried, owner of the highest rated green home in America and green industry leader as CEO of Regenerative Ventures, plus founder of the U.S. and World Green Building Councils. “I’m thrilled that our home was recently featured in a series of Green by Design articles and to see the prospect of Green by Design’s positive impact on the hearts and minds of people everywhere.”

Each sustainably designed product offered in the Green by Design marketplace is rated with Green by Design’s trademark Green Scorecard, which shows exactly what makes the product green. 

More than an ‘eco-friendly’ tag, the Green Scorecard is like a nutrition label that rates products on a full range of sustainability factors, such as materials (recycled, reclaimed or new, as well as natural, organic or non-toxic); manufacturing process; recyclability; country of origin; and business practices. 

“With a quick scan, the Green Scorecard makes it easy to compare products and reveals that we’ve eliminated greenwashing,” Danly said. “Only products that are truly green can be placed in the Green by Design shop, and the Green Scorecard keeps us honest by maintaining a healthy skepticism.”

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  1. PennySue says:

    Being “Green” is having the right mindset, I could not agree with you more, and that is a good way of putting it. To “Live Green” you have to have the mindset and the determination to make the lifestyle changes.


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