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Cafe Cafe interviews from national barista championship

From Andrew Hetzel’s blog:

Despite the seemingly non-stop activity surrounding this year’s United States Barista Championship in Portland, I had the pleasure of sitting down to discuss the competition and what it means to be a barista judge with Internet radio producer Kyle O’Brien of Small Plate Radio.

Cafe Cafe is a new series for Small Plate Radio that discusses topics of interest within the coffee industry. You can listen and download episodes directly from the Cafe Cafe Web site or on iTunes.

Highlights include a podcast interview with Andrew Hetzel (12 minutes) or listen to the entire Cafe Cafe episode (45 minutes. Guests include Cam Kellett, Lava Java and Andrew Hetzel, CafeMakers; subjects include the US Barista Championship and direct trade coffees in Guatemala.

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Andrew Hetzel, of Waimea, Coffee Strategies blog:

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United States Barista Championship:

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  1. alani says:

    Is this about Kona Coffee?


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