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Wish you were here? Kaloko mists


Karin Stanton/ Contributing Editor

Wish you were here? Not likely! A grey and wet day for the slopes of Hualalai, much of Kaloko spent Sunday shrouded in foggy conditions. 


At about 3 p.m., the mist rolled in, blocking the usual view of the coastline and Kona International Airport. ( photo by Marian Stanton)


By 4 p.m., the mist crept closer, almost obliterating the trees. ( photo by Karin Stanton)


The mist and rain made a usually sunny, green view rather dreary. ( photo by Marian Stanton)

Notice how the photos were taken from the lanai. It was too cold to venture out any further. And the weather forecast … cloudy with a low around 70. Chance of precipitation is 30 percent. Yeah, right. By 5:30 p.m., at the 1,500-foot elevation above Costco, is was 60 and totally raining.

The cool, cloudy and rainy weather is supposed to stick around until Wednesday, when the sunshine is expected to return.

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  1. alani says:

    It was much the same in Honaunau mauka yesterday at the 1850 foot altitude. I think we had clouds in our house!Auwe! No wonder the mold grows on the walls. Beautiful photos. aloha


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