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Police warn of possible text message scam


Police are warning of a possible scam involving text messages.

A 59-year-old Hilo man reported he received two consecutive text messages Sunday claiming to be from different credit unions. The messages asked the man to call a telephone number about his credit union account. The man didn’t have accounts with either credit union.

The first phone number was out of service. The second one had a recorded message asking the caller to leave his name and personal information.

Police advise the public not to provide personal information over the phone, by text message or by e-mail.

One Response to “Police warn of possible text message scam”

  1. damon says:

    I received a text message asking me to call back a CU the other day. This is a real scam that is going on here in the islands.

    I also have received an unusual amount of email scams from CU’s in just the last week or so.


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